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Music at 432 Hz: what is it about?

The latest theories have demonstrated the benefits of this
intonation (LA=432 Hertz).
Listening to music in 432 Hz therefore could have a good influence
on the spiritual development of the listener.
There is an automatic internal change that changes the internal productions
and acts on the central nervous system.
What happens to the body with music at 432 Hz? Physically speaking, listening
of appropriate music increases the production of hormones such as
adrenaline and dopamine, which release the natural morphines
(endorphins, enkephalins and the like). From a medical point of view, each of them has
a peculiar healing function of its own. Endorphins cause a decrease in
of pain and physical tension, enkephalins enhance the immune system,
stimulating increased antibody production. Good vibrations released
from the music stimulate the production of beta endorphins protecting us from the damage of
mental overload stress.

Taken from: https://www.macrolibrarsi.it/speciali/musica-a-432-hz-di-cosa-si-tratta.php

432 Hz Midi To Audio Converter

is the first software that can transform Midi Files
in Audio at 432 Hz, then in its natural frequency, unlike resampling
of Audio files from 440 to 432 Hz.

Once the conversion has been carried out, it can be transformed with a burner
in audio and then listen to it on a common CD player or MP3 player.

It is recommended to transform the Midi in Audio Wave, so you will keep
all the harmonic patrimony, or use the minimum compression (320kbs)
in the case of MP3s.

432 Hz Midi To Audio Converter is capable of :

- Play in real time a Mid/Kar at 432 Hz.
- Convert the mid/kars to Mp3 or Wav at 432 Hz.
- Use SF2 sampled sounds available for free on the network.
- Modify the pitch of the Midifile.
- Change the speed of the Midifile.
- Wetsuits for Midi channels.
- Possibility of listening to only one instrument individually.
- Diapason at 440 and 432 Hz.
- Equalizer.
- Compressor.

Control Panel

- 7 Band Equalizer.
- Pitch with steps from one Semitone (+10 to -10 Semitones).
- 432/440 Hz conversion keys.

                                                               How do i convert ?

1) Click on options at the top and choose the midi to convert.

2) Click on "options" then on "load sf2" and choose your bank sf2

3) Launch the base, choose the frequency of your choice (440 or 432)

4) Adjust the equalizer and compressor and other parameters

5) It is possible to silence the tracks 1,4,5,16 according to the needs

6) Once the base is set, click stop and convert to wav or mp3

Using a special tool you can enter information about the converted song
(Author,Track title,Genre,Year,Album,Comments),
It is very important to note the frequency 440/432 Hz, because
when using the base with other real instruments,
there may be imbalances with other agreed instruments

It is necessary to enter at least the title of the song, otherwise the operation
rescue can not be carried out.
To listen to the song again, go to -OPEN FILE- and reload the song,
and click on the PLAY button.

WARNING !!!!!!

Always store the conversion frequency (440/432 Hertz)
to avoid problems of dissonance with other instruments otherwise

- In the DEMO version, the conversions obtained are limited to about 40 seconds.

- To get the full version you have to make a donation
free that will help us to continue the development and improve the software.

It is necessary then send us the user code that appears as soon as you open

the software and we will send you key activation.

Use 432 Hz Midi To Audio Converter at your own risk.Whatever you do
with 432 Hz Midi To Audio Converter is under your responsibility and not
underneath the Author's.
For any damage caused to people, computers, software,
companies or business using 432 Hz Midi To Audio Converter, you must hire
the responsibility and the Author will not be responsible. If you do not accept these terms,
do not use this software.




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