Princess soft Violet

Princess Soft Violet is a sound bank with .sf2 extension that can be used on any synth that requires reading, such as Virtualmidisynth, Winlive Synth Orchestra, Karaoke5 and Hiplay, Kanto player.
It comes from a selection of the best presets available on the web and dozens created from scratch from samples sampled in the studio.
The realization of this bench, continuously updated, has required many months of painstaking work. In fact, we managed to amalgamate all the presets in an engaging sound and, listening to the midi files with this bank, you have the feeling of being in live. the sound is not absolutely standardized as in many hardware modules but, sometimes, is dirty but always balanced. the bass are very present as well as the drums, the carpets are very balanced, while everything else is the contour. you will not believe your ears!! Princess soft sf2 will allow you to play almost all midi gm and gs bases. Here are some videos made using this bench sf2 with the most popular software.
The .sf2 bench "Princess Soft Violet" is sold following a donation of 60 euros by clicking on the paypal button at the bottom of the page, for alternative methods of contribution send an email to the following address:

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