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Q - Do I need to install the software in administrator mode?
A - It is important to have administrator privileges and also important to always run it as an administrator for the same reason otherwise you have problems with converting from midi to mp3 and registering the software tesso.

Q - Can I use Princess soft synth in public in demo mode?
A - No. The demo version is only for an in-depth evaluation of the software and has limitations that do not allow it, such as a beep every 30 seconds or so.

Q - What are the limitations of the demo version?
A - It is not possible to export the double screen to a second monitor, only 5 files can be played from the playlist and then the word "demo" comes out. In the background, you listen to a disturbing sound every 30 seconds, the conversion is possible for one minute and not for the entire song.

Q - Do these limitations allow you to evaluate the software in depth?
A - Yes, they have been structured in such a way that the choice can be safe and free from any doubt.

Q - Can I ask for a refund if the software is not right for me?
A - No - Because this demo already allows a thorough evaluation, apart from the limitations it has the same functionality as the contribution version. When you proceed to the order of the key unlocking implicitly declares to accept the program as it is made so any claims for reimbursement will not be taken into account also because what is made is a donation as a contribution to the development of the software.

Q - Is it possible to change the font and background?
A - Yes, you can

Q - If you don't see the video files what can I do?
A - You need to download and install video codecs, for example this: http://www.free-codecs.com/k_lite_codec_pack_download.htm

Q - How many pcs can I activate with a 60 euro counterinute?
A - You can activate 2 pcs.

Q - How do I activate the software?
A - Once tested you go to "software activation" and after making the transaction from the website www.princesssoftsf2.com you send the user code that you find in the mask to support@princesssoftsf2.com and within 24 you receive the code to be inserted in the appropriate space in "software activation".

Q - Do I own a third or fourth pc?
A - When ordering just make a donation of 60 euros and you are entitled to 2 licenses while if you want to unlock later you still have to redo the transaction from 60 euros for 2 additional licenses.

Q - Are updates free?
A - Yes. You are entitled to free updates for one year then if you want to continue to have just make a donation of 20 euros for a further year. It is important to know that the versions put online and updated will always be working versions so if you are not interested in updating to have new features the software will still work well.

Q - Is there a tutorial on how to use the software?
A - Yes. You can download it from the tutorial section or you can find a pdf file inside the software installation folder (help princess soft .....)

Q - Can I permanently change tonality, change instruments, volumes, etc.?
A - This version of the software does not provide for this, the only possible backups are in "virtual", i.e. you can save everything on a playlist.

but if you used the same midi on other software would not remain modified.. However, you can convert a midi to mp3

editing every parameter to your liking..

Q - Do you read kfn and k5 bases?
A - The kfn files are NOT read by the software, while it reads the files synchronized with k5 without a password.

Q - What is the Princess soft gold.ssx file?
A - It is a proprietary sound bank that cannot be used except with our software.

Q - In case of formatting or changing PCs, do I have to buy back the License?
A - No, we guarantee the supply of an additional activation key.