F.A.Q.S Princess soft Violet




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Q - Can I use Princess soft Violet on all software ?
A - Yes, this sound bank can be managed by all the software equipped with a synth that manages this format

Q - Can I use Princess soft violet in public?
A - Yes, you can

Q - Do presets include this bank of sound?
A - Princess soft Violet includes a total of 189 presets, of which 127 GM, 16 drum sets and the rest GS.

Q - How do I know the list of presets?
A - Just click on the button next to it

Q - How many PCs can I use this sound bank on?
A - On all the PCs belonging, sf2 can not be sold to third parties because it is the result of hard work and research and is available only to the one who contributes with a donation to the development of the same.

Q - Can I use this sound bench on Essound Matrix one machines, Matrix evo, megabeat?

A - We have realized for Essound machines a specific sound bank well managed with very interesting sounds, in phase of request of the sound bank it is necessary to request the specific one for Essound machines.

Q - Can I use this sound bank on a Mac ?

A - We have created a dedicated sound bank for Mac because Windows Mac have a different management of sounds, when requesting the sound bank you need to request the specific one for Mac.