F.A.Q.S. 432 midi converter

 F.A.Q.S.  432 midi converter



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Q - Does this software have a fixed cost?
A - No , however, to receive the unlock code you need a free donation

Q - With a donation on how many PCs can I activate the software?

A- a donation for each pc

Q - Can I use the princess soft gold sf2 bench to convert?
A - No, the Princess soft gold sf2 is exclusive to Princess soft synth software.

Q - Can I use the "mp3 tag" function to add text to a converted file?
A - Yes, it is possible, the text can be inserted both on mp3 and wav

Q - Is there a converter with several functions?
A - Probably depends on the interest of the users.

Q -Is there a Mac version of the converter ?

A - No is only usable by Windows